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Operating Table 1008-OT 001

Our hight-quality, CE certified operating table features a loadable (600kg) and easily cleanable table top made of carbon. The operating table is specially design to perform endoscopic spine surgery, X-ray guided spinal fusion/stablization surgery and spinal instrumentation in general. Additionaly, it is also suited to intraoperative angiographies.

Technical data:
• Height: 772-1071 mm (second version: 830-1129 mm)
• Lenght: 2041 mm (with handles 2130 mm)
• Breadth: 706 mm
• Load bearing capacity: max. 600 kg
• Angle of inclination: 0-9.5 degrees
• Weight: 145 kg
• Power: 230V/50 Hz or 110V/60Hz

Table top:
• Full carbon: no problem with fluruoscopy
• Lenght: 2000 mm
• Breadth: max 700 mm in head and feet area; min. 450 mm taper in middle part.

1008-OT 001 and 1008-OT 002

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